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          The blue and the white shall ever be Let high Her colors wave
               For a treasure is She The Star of the Sea Mother of the
                                               true and the brave.


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Stella Maris College (Quezon City)

Stella Maris College
Kolehiyong Stella Maris
Motto Ad Veritatem, Per Caritatem
Motto in English "To Truth Through Charity"
Established 1955
Type Private School, Franciscan, Co-Education College
Location Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Hymn Hail Stella Maris
Colors Blue and White         

Stella Maris College is a private, Catholic, learning institution run by the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Located in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Established in 1955, it was once a school for girls but now accepts boys in its grade school and high school department.

Founded by american Catholic missionary nuns, Stella Maris College is known for academic excellence. The grade school and high school departments provide training in mathematics, english, social sciences and natural sciences.

  • The Boat is symbolic of the believer's spiritual journey. Its Helm provides a means by which the boat of life can be steered towards Christ, with Mary as the guiding star. Hence, the reference to Our Lady as the Star of the Sea.
  • The Sea is a metaphor for life. It represents the journey and obstacles that the believers will be going through.

Stella Maris Uniform

The school uniform is patterned after sailors' costume. The high school uniform has a white long-sleeved blouse, with the blue marine collar and sailor's necktie. A series of buttons connects to the skirt. The primary school uniform is similar to the high school uniform except for the long sleeves, cravat and the shorter dress.



   School of Our Youth

Some things change but some things remain. One of these is the nostalgic ambience that still permeates the SMC grounds. It's always a joy to go back and take in the trees and grass in a campus that has adjusted to the times.

 SMC-USA Reunion 2007


Living in Our Hearts



If you know other Stellans' email addresses, we would very much appreciate it if you can please send them to us so we can re-create the alumni mailing list.  Many thanks for your help and cooperation.

Dits Vergara Reyes, HS''70